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Username changes

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Use this page as a checklist for updating usernames.

The following items need to be updated when a username change is requested:

  • Active Directory (handled by Windows IT staff)
  • AFS username (pts)
  • AFS home directory volume name (vos)
  • AFS home directory mountpoint (fs)
  • NSS LDAP (gecos, homeDirectory)
    • Verify username (uid) and name (cn, sn, givenName) fields; they should automatically be updated by Identity Synchronization for Windows. If they were not, it may be time for a reinstall of ISW.
  • Intranet LDAP (username, name fields); in the future if LDAP is moved to Sun LDAP + ISW, all of these changes will become automatic and need only be verified
  • Mail (students only; username and name fields)