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User:William Yang

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General information

William Yang <wyang@tjhsst.edu>, Class of 2008

Positions held

  • Head/Lead Student Systems Administrator (12, 2007-08)
  • Sun Administrator/Technology Coordinator (10-12, 2005-08)
  • Assistant Intranet Maintainer (11-12, 2006-08)
  • Student Systems Administrator (10-11, 2006-07)

Significant contributions to the lab

  • Primary author of the Sun grant (Q2FY08) (winter 2007-8)
  • Piloted migration to integrated (with Windows) authentication scheme (spring 2006)
  • Implemented LDAP (Sun Directory Server) as the permanent name services solution (spring 2006, winter 2007-8)
  • Discovered the existence of iLO on the first batch of HP servers and subsequently initiated use of them (servers had already been installed for a considerable amount of time)