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  • I am a second semester senior!
  • A todo list of sorts
  • Make sure to teach a non-senior when I do these

Cluster/HPC stuff

  • Setup i7 + itanium cluster in new HP racks
  • Setup i7 cluster to use infiniband
  • Create itanium cluster image

Main Website Redesign/improvements

  • navigation sucks
  • main page is ugly
  • poor code
  • get rid of iframe

Single Sign On Authentication

Intranet, news posting, club websites, livedoc, etc...

TJ Today Web Presence

Talk to TJ Today to submit news stories for the main page

Setup MIT scripts server

Sane automated configuration for vm servers

  • maybe puppet
  • look at other distributions
  • also, remctl

MIT xvm server

Sun 24" monitors on workstations