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*A stock Debian unstable install
*A stock Debian unstable install
*A 21" Silicon Graphics display
*A 21" Silicon Graphics display
*The latest [System_Status_(script)|System Status Script] hosted by adelie
*The latest [[System_Status_(script)|System Status Script]] hosted by adelie

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Sysmonitor is a system designed to display the current workstation status information clearly and quickly on entry to the lab. Currently this consists of:

  • A single MCW machine with a network connection
  • A stock Debian unstable install
  • A 21" Silicon Graphics display
  • The latest System Status Script hosted by adelie
  • links2

Usage Notes

Sysmonitor uses links2 through svgalib in order to display graphics. As this requires root, there are two users on this machine, "root", and "stats", and the stats user has sudo permissions to run links2. To keep things simple, the bash_rc of the stats user contains the alias "start-stats", which will start links2 with the proper options to begin viewing the System Status Script. Always use this alias.


  • Sysmonitor requires a network connection.
  • Remember to stow the keyboard after administration of sysmonitor.