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Suntest is an old Sun Ultra 5. It was most recently used as the serial/general console for Sun administration, but was replaced by a newer machine, shakuru. It has been retired from the CSL and is now sitting in someone's house, and is listed here for historical purposes.

Technical Specifications

Server Type Hardware type::
RAM 128MiB
Hard Disks 20GB IDE
OS Sun Solaris 10 1/06
Purchase Date


Suntest has been in and out of the machine room, the first workstation area, the flat panel area, and the classroom area.

  • 2005: Freshman Lackeys' (class of '08) workstation. Ran Debian GNU/Linux Sarge.
  • 2005/6-2005/9: Sun admin/serial console.
  • 2005/9-2005/10: Brief restoration to Freshman (now sophomore) Lackeys. Ran Sun Solaris 10.
  • 2005/10-2006/2: Sun admin/serial console.
  • 2006/2-present: Retired.


  • Because Suntest only had 128MB of RAM, it ran anything other than a console extremely slowly. However, it was not dependent on AFS, so it was used as a fallback station during the many times in 2005 that AFS failed.


  • Suntest originally had a 4.3GB hard drive, which was replaced since it was suspected of beginning to fail, although it could have been throwing errors due to the numerous "hardware fix button" (Jack Breese) usages.