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There are two generations of Sun workstations in the CSL.

Generation 1

The first generation of Sun workstations were acquired in 2004. These four workstations were agni, copernicus, shakuru, and wurusemu. Agni was in use as the Sun workstation in the Admin Office, but was sent home with STC William Yang upon the arrival of the 2nd generation. Copernicus and Wurusemu originally left the CSL for Solaris training, but have since permanently left due to a lack of need.

Generation 2

The second generation of Sun workstations were acquired through the Sun Grant of FY08Q2. Four SPARC and three x86 workstatsions were acquired. Three x86 (boson, baryon, meson) and one SPARC workstation (agni) is installed in the Admin Office. The remaining three SPARC workstations (copernicus, galileo, kepler) will most likely be installed in the machine room and form a Sun Ray FailOver Group (FOG) for graphics/OpenGL work.


Upon the installation of the 2nd generation Sun workstations in the admin office, no FCPS DIT-labeled equipment remained in the admin office.