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Sun Ray price list

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This list is provided for convenience in the event a purchase of Sun Ray-related stuff is required. It is a compilation of sometimes hard-to-find information, or information that would otherwise require getting a quote from Sun sales.


Sun Rays

Standard features:

  • Audio ports: Headphone, Mic, Line in
  • Smart card slot
  • Kensington security lock slot

Sun Ray 270 also includes "VGA in" port to allow use of unit as monitor. It is also VESA mountable.

Sun Ray 2 Sun Ray 2FS Sun Ray 270
USB ports 2 USB 1.1
(1 front, 1 rear)
3 USB 2.0
(only 1.1 speeds supported at this time;
1 front, 2 rear)
4 USB 2.0
(only 1.1 speeds supported at this time;
3 left, 1 front)
Maximum supported resolution 1600x1200@60Hz 1920x1200@70Hz
3840x1200@70Hz across 2 monitors
(integrated 17" LCD)
Video outputs 1 DVI
(DVI to VGA adapter included)
(DVI to VGA adapters included)
(projector port, 1024x768@60Hz)
Serial ports (9-pin) 1 1 2
Audio line out no no yes
Included warranty 3 yrs 3 yrs 1 yr
(upgrade available)

LCD Monitors

Standard features:

  • Kensington security lock slot
  • 1 DVI input
  • 1 VGA input
  • All cables (USB if 24.1" model, DVI, VGA) except power included
  • VESA mountable

Sizes are diagonal, viewable screen area.

The 24.1" model includes a rear-mounted 4 port powered USB 2.0 hub. It also includes a 13W3 to HD15 cable.

The 22" model can rotate from landscape to portrait; however, Sun Rays do not support portrait output at this time. It can also swivel -/+45deg from center.

All models except 24.1" use center post stands. The 24.1" uses center attached side legs, allowing for some storage under the monitor (see photo).

All models are covered under the support contract of the Sun system they are attached to. They also include a 1 year (15 business days parts exchange) warranty.

17" 19" 22" 24.1"
Native Resolution 1280x1024 1280x1024 1680x1050 1920x1200
Aspect ratio 5:4 5:4 16:10 (wide) 16:10 (wide)
Contrast ratio (typical) 500:1 800:1 1000:1 1000:1
Luminance (cd/m2; typical) 300 300 300 400
Viewing angle (+/-; vertical) 65 deg 70 deg TBD 88 deg
Viewing angle (+/-; horizontal) 70 deg 80 deg TBD 88 deg
Response Time (typical) 8ms 5ms 8ms 6ms
Tilt angle (deg from vertical) -5/+20 -5/+20 -5/+20 -5/+100
Height adjustable (range) No No 5.1" 2.0"
Power consumption (typical/maximum) 37W/42W /37W 42W/55W 80W/95W (add 90W/105W for USB hub)

Price List

Prices on this list are not guaranteed.


  • RTU: Right to Use
  • ESDL: Education Software Discount List
  • Disc: Standard Sun pricelist + estimated education discount
    • These prices are calculated based on a standard 17% discount off the list price, except for the keyboard/mouse kit and 24.1" monitor, where 20% off is used instead.
  • Ess: Sun Education Essentials special pricelist

Sun Ray

  • Keyboard/mouse kits and monitors are sold separately
  • If a keyboard/mouse kit was not ordered (includes 2 wall power cords) and a wall power cord (connects to AC/DC adapter) is needed, add part X311L (see "Other Parts" section)
Item Part Number Source Price
Sun Ray 2 NTC-10Z-00 Disc $206.67
Sun Ray 2FS NTC-15Z-00 Disc $414.17
Sun Ray 270 (integrated 17" LCD) NTC-20Z-00-E Ess $459.00 (good until 9/30/2008)
Single Seat RTU License CECI9-420C9E2S ESDL $30.00

LCD Monitors

  • If a keyboard/mouse kit was not ordered (includes 2 wall power cords) and a wall power cord (connects to AC/DC adapter) is needed, add part X311L (see "Other Parts" section)
  • Do NOT order an additional monitor if getting a Sun Ray 270, which has an integrated 17" LCD
Monitor Size Part Number Source Price
17" X7204A Disc $190.07
19" X7205A Disc $214.97
22" (wide) X7237A-E Ess $185.00 (good until 9/30/2008)
24.1" (wide) X7236A-E Ess $495.00 (good until 9/30/2008)

Other Parts

Power cord (standard) X311L N/A $0
PC Country Kit (Type 7 USB Keyboard PC layout, USB optical scroll mouse) X3731A-E Ess $25.00 (good until 9/30/2008)
UNIX Country Kit (Type 7 USB Keyboard UNIX layout, USB optical scroll mouse) X3738A-E Ess $25.00 (good until 9/30/2008)

Suggested Bundles

All bundles include a keyboard/mouse kit and RTU license. These are listed here for convenience; there is no discount over buying the parts separately.

Sun Ray 2

  • I have my own monitor: $261.67
  • with 17" monitor: $451.74
  • with 19" monitor: $476.64
  • with 22" monitor: $446.67

Sun Ray 2FS

  • I have my own monitor(s): $469.17
  • with 2x22" monitors: $839.17
  • with 24" monitor: $964.17
  • with 2x24" monitors: $1459.17

Sun Ray 270

Cost: $514.00