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Sun Academic Excellence Grant (AEG)

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Through the Sun Academic Excellence grant program, the Computer Systems Lab will deploy new Sun Ray thin clients (up to three labs), in addition to refreshing the one lab currently in production (AP Computer Science Lab 231). These stations are for students (specifics TBD by administration). The Sun Ray 270s will be placed throughout the school to be used by students, faculty, and guests as kiosks. Smart Cards will be distributed to students by request for ease of use with Sun Ray clients.

Servers will be used to power the Sun Ray backend. One SPARC server will be used as a supercomputing system. Other servers will run backend services.

The overall value of the grant is $388,048.

Hardware (tentative)

  • 1 Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 (4x2.15GHz SPARC64-VI dual-core processors (2 CPU boards with 2 CPUs each & 5MB on-chip L2 cache), 16GB RAM (2 memory modules with 8x1GB DDR2 DIMMs), 2x73GB SAS hard disks)
  • 8 Sun Fire X4150 (2x3.16GHz Intel Xeon X5460 quad-core processors, 24GB RAM (12x2GB DIMMs), 2x73GB SAS hard disks)
  • 2 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 (1x1.2GHz UltraSPARC-T2 4-core processor, 8GB RAM, 4x146GB SAS hard disks)
  • 2 Sun Fire V245 (2x1.5GHz UltraSPARC-IIIi processor, 4GB RAM, 2x73GB Drive)
  • 4 PCIe Dual Ultra320 SCSI HBAs
  • 2 PCIe Dual 4Gb FC HBAs
  • 100 Sun Ray 2 (including Type 7 Sun PC Keyboard/Mouse, 17" monitor)
  • 20 Sun Ray 2FS (including Type 7 Sun PC Keyboard/Mouse, 2x20.1" monitors)
  • 25 Sun Ray 270 (including Type 7 Sun PC Keyboard/Mouse, monitor integrated)
  • 2 Sun Ultra 45 (1x1.6GHz UltraSPARC-IIIi processor, 1GB RAM, 2x250GB hard disks, XVR-2500 Graphics Accelerator, DVD-Dual, Keyboard/Mouse)
  • 145 Sun Ray Software RTU Licenses
  • 2500 Payflex Smartcards with Sun artwork (100 packs of 25)
  • 1 Sun Rack 1000-42 (PDS option)


  • Sun Ray Lab 231 (to be added)
  • New Sun Ray Lab 1 (to be added)
  • New Sun Ray Lab 2 (to be added)
  • New Sun Ray Lab 3 (to be added)
  • Sun Servers (to be added)