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===Lead Student Systems Administrators===
===Lead Student Systems Administrators===
* [[User:William Yang|William Yang]] (wyang), Class of 2008
* [[User:William Yang|William Yang]] (wyang), Class of 2008
* [[User:Brandon Vargo|Brandon Vargo]] (bvargo), Class of 2009
* [[User:Brandon Vargo|Brandon Vargo]], Class of 2009
* [[User:Josiah Boning|Josiah Boning]] (jboning), Class of 2008
* [[User:Josiah Boning|Josiah Boning]] (jboning), Class of 2008
* [[User:Jacob Welsh|Jacob Welsh]] (jwelsh), Class of 2008
* [[User:Jacob Welsh|Jacob Welsh]] (jwelsh), Class of 2008

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The Sysadmin Hail and Farewell 2005


The Student Systems Administrators (also known as sysadmins) are a group of students who have distinguished themselves to be technologically competent as well as exceptionally responsible and dependable. These students are responsible for all of the Computer Systems Lab's infrastructure. These administrators, however, are students first and administrators second. The goal of the administrator program is not to create a perfect system but to give the student system administrators valuable experience in how a real networked environment works.

The Selection Process

Prior to the 2004-2005 school year, new sysadmins were chosen exclusively through the recommendations of the current sysadmins and the lab directors/teachers. After concerns arose regarding the selection process, a new system was implemented where interested people were able to formally apply to be a sysadmin. These applications would then be passed on to the current sysadmins and lab directors/teachers for further consideration.

New sysadmins are typically chosen at the end of the school year (4th quarter) with a few exceptions. The webmaster and the Intranet maintainer are usually chosen earlier in the year in order to allow for training of their respective domain. Other rising sysadmins may also receive training if it is deemed necessary.

Current Student Systems Administrators

Lead Student Systems Administrators

Student Systems Administrators

Previous Student Systems Administrators

Head Student Systems Administrators

  • Manish Tuteja (mtuteja), Class of 1989
  • Paul Hargrove (phargrov), Class of 1990
  • William Bardwel (wbardwel), Class of 1991
  • Craig Metz (cmetz), Class of 1994
  • Hubert Tsang (htsang), Class of 1995
  • James Croall (jcroall), Class of 1996
  • Brent Metz (bmetz), Class of 1998
  • Adam Stubblefield (astubble), Class of 1999
  • Daniel Willenson (dwillens), Class of 2000
  • Michael Craig (mcraig), Class of 2000
  • Ilia Mirkin (imirkin), Class of 2001
  • Kevin Caffrey (kcaffrey), Class of 2002
  • Matthew Colyer (mcolyer), Class of 2003
  • Jeffrey Grafton (jgrafton), Class of 2004
  • Eric Price (eprice), Class of 2005
  • Andrew Deason (adeason), Class of 2006
  • Dan Tran (dtran), Class of 2006
  • Lee Burton (lburton), Class of 2007

Webmasters/Intranet maintainers

  • Joanna Yun (jyun), Class of 1995
  • Roger Braunstein (rbraunst), Class of 1999
  • David Ziegler (dziegler), Class of 2000
  • Gary Sivek (gsivek), Class of 2002
  • Jeffrey Arnold (jarnold), Class of 2003
  • Matthew Colyer (mcolyer), Class of 2003
  • Evan Danaher (edanaher), Class of 2004
  • Andy Oxfeld (aoxfeld), Class of 2004
  • Dan Tran(The Intranet Master Man), Class of 2006
  • Victor Mircea (vmircea), Class of 2007
  • Josiah Boning (Dan Tran 2.0), Class of 2008

Full Student Systems Administrators

  • Jon Blocksom (jblockso), Class of 1991
  • Joel Winstead (jwinstea), Class of 1994
  • Grant Emery (gemery), Class of 1996
  • Charles Lepple (clepple), Class of 1996
  • Andy Berkheimer (aberkhei), Class of 1997
  • Nicholas Allen (nallen), Class of 1997
  • Sean MacIsaac (smacisaa), Class of 1998
  • Brian Street (bstreet), Class of 1999
  • Eamon Walsh (ewalsh), Class of 1999
  • Michael Bond (mbond), Class of 1999
  • Thomas Purtell (tpurtell), Class of 2000
  • Phil Kirlin (pkirlin), Class of 2000
  • Sean Hardesty (shardest), Class of 2000
  • Andrew Barros (abarros), Class of 2001
  • Joshua Blake (jblake), Class of 2001
  • Jeffrey "Jeffy" Klein (jklein), Class of 2001
  • Margaret Barusch (mbarusch), Class of 2002
  • Steven Sivek (ssivek), Class of 2002
  • Eugene Otto (eotto), Class of 2002
  • Gregory Price (gprice), Class of 2002
  • Matthew Kurjanowicz (mkurjano), Class of 2003
  • Ian Zuckerman (izuckerm), Class of 2003
  • Aman Gupta (agupta), Class of 2004
  • Ben Gelb (bgelb), Class of 2004
  • Matthew C. Grau (mgrau), Class of 2005
  • John Livingston (jlivings), Class of 2005
  • Kyle Moffett (kmoffett), Class of 2005
  • Eric Harmon (eharmon), Class of 2006
  • Nadeem Kolia (nkolia), Class of 2006
  • Men Young Lee (mlee1), Class of 2006
  • Victor Mircea (vmircea), Class of 2007
  • Alfie Parthum (aparthum), Class of 2006
  • Bryan Rau-Jacobs (braujac), Class of 2006
  • Andrew Smith (asmith1), Class of 2006
  • Barnett Trzcinski (btrzcins), Class of 2007
  • Andy Street (astreet), Class of 2007

Underclassmen Systems Administrators

  • Menelik Yilma (myilma), Class of 2000
  • William Tsui (wtsui), Class of 2002

"Morasca helpers"

  • Davey Dandar (ddandar), Class of 1995
  • Ari Heitner (aheitner), Class of 1998
  • Mark Feghali (mfeghali), Class of 1998
  • Justin Wienckowski (jwiencko), Class of 1998

"Legacy lab helpers"

  • Vincent Del Vecchio (vdelvecc), Class of 1990
  • Kara Schumacher (kschumac), Class of 1993
  • Jonathan T. Betz (jbetz), Class of 1995
  • Daniel Haspel (dhaspel), Class of 1999
  • Tyeler Quentmeyer (tquentme), Class of 1999
  • Luke Hoban (lhoban), Class of 1999
  • Ben Byer (bbyer), Class of 1999
  • John Danaher (jdanaher), Class of 2000
  • Michael Coblenz (mcoblenz), Class of 2001