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Student Accounts

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All current students at TJHSST have the following accounts created for them to access resources provided by both TJHSST and FCPS.

TJ Account (LOCAL)

The most important account that you have as a TJ Student is your TJ Account, also known as a LOCAL domain account. The username for this account is of the form <graduationyear><first initial><first seven letters of your last name>, for example, 2017awilliam. In the event of duplicate usernames, a number will be appended, for example, 2017awilliam2. This account is used to access the following resources:

In addition, your TJ Account is also used as the basis for your TJ Email Address which is Your-TJ-Username@tjhsst.edu, for example, 2017awilliam@tjhsst.edu.

To change the password for your TJ Account, see the guide Changing_your_password


As a TJ Student, you also have an FCPS domain account. The username for this account is your Student ID Number. This account is used to access the following resources:

  • The FCPSmobile secure wireless network
  • Setting up your Googleapps account
  • All School Computers at any other FCPS School

Blackboard Account (fcps.blackboard.com)

All students have an account on FCPS Blackboard. Your Blackboard username is your Student ID Number, however, this password is managed separately from your FCPS Account.

Google Apps for Education Account (fcpsschools.net)

All students have a Google Apps for Education Account which provides access to an internally shared version of Google Apps. Your Google Apps username is Your-StudentID-Number@fcpsschools.net. NOTE - in order to activate your Google Apps for Education Account, you must first setup your FCPS Account and then use those credentials to set your Google Apps password at this link.