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State of the Lab 2009

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The 2009 school year was perhaps the most regulated one the Syslab has seen since it's inception. Sice the creation of the Intranet, more and more of the work done by the SysAdmins has been focused on production-ready products.

  • The TJ Website was upgraded to what it currently looks like in order to revolutionize it for "Web 2.0". The decisions for the design were mainly made by a committee made up of several staff and PTSA members; the students involved in the project tried to do their best to make the website as good as it could be given the design constraints, but they were dealing with a flawed original design (in many ways).

2009 School Year Syslab Production Services

  • Intranet
  • TJ Website
  • Sun Ray Network
  • Workstations
  • AFS
  • E-Mail - transitioned to Roundcube around the Spring of 2009
  • CUPS

There have also been many other experimental services over this year, which include the Cluster, Mirror, and creation of a high-availability VM system.



i7 Cluster

  • The Syslab purchased and installed a cluster of 18 Intel i7 nodes for student research. Information about these nodes can be found at TJHSST CSL Clusters


  • Weather - internals replaced when it suffered a hard drive failure