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State of the Lab 2008

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  • In the spring of 2008 the Syslab's main switch, a Cisco 4006, was replaced by a new Cisco 4506. During the installation, the fire alarm system went off and the switch install was put on hold for several minutes.
  • It was in this school year that TJ was awarded the Sun Academic Excellence Grant, worth $388,048 at the time. We received 6 x4150s, two T5120s, 2 v245s, an M4000, around 150 Sun Rays, and some other workstations and miscellaneous equipment.
  • The Syslab's workstation wiring was redone over the summer of 2008. New Cat6 cabling was installed and run to a set of new patch panels installed below the switch.
  • The Music Cart was created sometime during hte 2007-2008 school year.



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