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Sovereign is a server currently running in the machine room. It is currently running xen and several understudy VMs. It was set up by Andrew Hamilton. It is run by Peter Godofsky.

VMs currently running on Sovereign:

Note VMs on this list are not necessarily booted at any given time This is merely a list of the VMs sovereign currently has.

  • nebula (David Ensey)
  • understudy1 (Jeremy Vercillo)
  • understudy2 (Unassigned)
  • juneau (Peter Godofsky)
  • abanderaz
  • novaprospekt (formerly known as hydrogen2) (Dylan Ladwig)
  • ulyaoth
  • toaster
  • io
  • lilsmitty (Mitchell Smith)
  • smitty (Josh "Smitty" Smith)
  • soda
  • gloves
  • aurora
  • airforce
  • aurora (Brody Marino)
  • mistwalker

Technical Specifications

Server Type Hardware type::Dell PowerEdge 4600
CPU Intel Xeon Dual Core 1.79 GHz
Hard Disks 6 x 73GB RAID 5
OS Debian Lenny
Purchase Date

NOTE: As of Dec. 6 Sovereign is almost out of memory. In the meantime no new VMs can be created and all users should be careful when starting existing ones. Emperor is planned to be set up as another understudy VM host. Several VMs may be migrated to it and all new VMs will be created on it.

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