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Shakuru is an old SPARC workstation. We don't use it anymore. Someone who knows more about it should write this article but I think it has a single UltraSPARC II processor at some crappy clock speed. Anyways, hopefully it'll get Gentoo installed on it so we can make a livecd iso for sparc64 that supports ldoms (call it SNOPPIX). Actually, this isn't going so well. We're going to try replacing the RAM in it, since currently, when booting to a Gentoo LiveCD, it gives the error "Memory Address not Aligned."

Update--after some work by the "Turkish Electrician" (Andrew), it actually booted to the LiveCD. We successfully installed Gentoo on it, and will eventually make a stage4 tarball from it to use as a LDom image. Except work on that has stalled, so it's just sitting around right now.

Technical Specifications

Server Type Hardware type::Sun Blade 150
CPU ~650MHz UltraSPARC-IIe
Hard Disks 1 x 40 GB IDE
Graphics Card ATI Rage XL *
OS Gentoo Linux
Purchase Date
  • We also have a non-integrated graphics card for it. We'll put that in one of these days.