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Service Outages

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This list of Service Outages should detail both planned and unplanned downtime experienced by the services hosted in the TJHSST Computer Systems Lab.

Service Start Date End Date Planned / Unplanned Short Description Contact
betelgeuse, openafs2, mirror 2010-07-23 2100 2010-07-23 2300 Planned System firmware upgrade and minor OS updates to OpenSolaris William Yang
haafs1, haafs2, seatac, dulles 2009-08-21 2100 Proj. 2009-08-22 0300 Planned Upgrading AFS to 1.4.11, server patching, volume integrity checking Stephen Repetski (srepetsk@tjhsst.edu)
Galileo 2009-06-29 0300 Before 2009-08-13 Unplanned Galileo down. Cause unknown. Investigation is pending. Steven Godofsky
All VMs running on Rockhopper 2009-06-13 2200 2009-06-13 2300 Unplanned Spontaneous reboot by rockhopper. Cause unknown. Investigation is pending. Daniel Johsnon (2010djohnson@tjhsst.edu)
SGD, Printing 2009-06-20 1700 Planned Upgrading backend servers to Solaris 10 Update 7, and maintenance patching Steven Godofsky (contact info on Intranet)
Sun Ray - GL FOG 2009-06-12 0830 2009-06-13 0015 Planned Upgrading all GL FOG servers to Solaris 10 Update 7 Stephen Repetski (srepetsk@tjhsst.edu)