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| Andrew Hamilton (alphahamilton@gmail.com)
| Andrew Hamilton (alphahamilton@gmail.com)
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Latest revision as of 21:34, 12 May 2012

This list of Service Outages should detail both planned and unplanned downtime experienced by the services hosted in the TJHSST Computer Systems Lab.

Service Start Date End Date Planned / Unplanned Short Description Contact
All Gentoo-based servers and services 2010-08-22 1200 Undetermined Planned maintenance Upgrading all Gentoo servers Chris Reffett (2011creffett@tjhsst.edu, sysadmins@lists.tjhsst.edu)
ra, CUPS, SGD 2010-08-11 2010-08-17 Unplanned Complication with rebooting after root disk expansion from months prior William Yang
betelgeuse, openafs2, mirror 2010-07-23 2100 2010-07-23 2300 Planned System firmware upgrade and minor OS updates to OpenSolaris William Yang
haafs1, haafs2, seatac, dulles 2009-08-21 2100 Proj. 2009-08-22 0300 Planned Upgrading AFS to 1.4.11, server patching, volume integrity checking Stephen Repetski (srepetsk@tjhsst.edu)
Galileo 2009-06-29 0300 Before 2009-08-13 Unplanned Galileo down. Cause unknown. Investigation is pending. Steven Godofsky
All VMs running on Rockhopper 2009-06-13 2200 2009-06-13 2300 Unplanned Spontaneous reboot by rockhopper. Cause unknown. Investigation is pending. Daniel Johsnon (2010djohnson@tjhsst.edu)
SGD, Printing 2009-06-20 1700 2009-06-20 0200 Planned Upgrading backend servers to Solaris 10 Update 7, and maintenance patching Steven Godofsky (contact info on Intranet)
Sun Ray - GL FOG 2009-06-12 0830 2009-06-13 0015 Planned Upgrading all GL FOG servers to Solaris 10 Update 7 Stephen Repetski (srepetsk@tjhsst.edu)
Weather 2009-06-05 N/A Unplanned Server hardware failure has been mitigated, but several weather sensors are still broken. Status unknown. Andrew Hamilton (alphahamilton@gmail.com)