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SAN/Add iSCSI Initiator

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This page contains administration guidelines and commands for connecting a Server to the iSCSI storage provided by the CSL SAN



The following software packages must be installed:

  • iproute2
  • open-iscsi
  • multipath-tools

emerge -a iproute2 open-iscsi multipath-tools


The following kernel modules need to be available. NOTE - these MUST be built as kernel modules, not into the kernel, or iscsid will fail to start.



For security reasons, all iSCSI traffic on the SAN is run on an isolated VLAN (currently VLAN 16). In order to connect via iSCSI, the Server needs to be configured to access VLAN 16. First this VLAN needs to be added to the Server's trunk link(s).

Then the VLAN needs to be configured on the server. The following lines need to be added/modified in /etc/conf.d/net

#Add VLAN 16 to the below list
vlans_bond0="16 1600 1802"

#Replace the last two octets of the below IP with the last two
#octets of the server's IP address

Finally, either restart the server's trunk interface (BAD idea if it's in production) or use the following commands to manually configure the interface.

ip link add link bond0 name vlan16 type vlan id 16
ip addr add dev vlan16