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OpenAFS/Server Install

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Install Ubuntu

Use netboot to install Ubuntu

Apply Salt States

Install the salt minion and accept the keys on the salt master before running the commands below.

echo "role: openafs-server" > /etc/salt/grains && salt-call state.apply

Install OpenAFS Packages

apt install openafs-client openafs-modules-dkms openafs-krb5 openafs-fileserver openafs-dbserver

Create /vicep[x] folders

For every partition you want on the server run the below command:

mkdir /vicep[x] # replace [x] with a, b, c, etc.

Then add a line for each partition in /etc/fstab as shown below:

/dev/vd[x] /vicep[y] ext4 defaults 0 2 # replace [x] with disk name and [y] with partition name

Copy Kerberos Keytab from another server

If this is the first installation in the cell, see http://docs.openafs.org/QuickStartUnix/HDRWQ50.html. Otherwise, run the below command:

scp workingserver:/etc/openafs/server/rxkad.keytab /etc/openafs/server/

Remove from /etc/hosts

Remove the line from /etc/hosts that aliases the current server's name to for Ubik to work correctly.

Start BOS Server


Set Cell Name

This is ONLY if this is the first server in the cell!

bos setcell <server hostname> csl.tjhsst.edu -localauth

Create Database Server Processes

bos create <server name> ptserver simple /usr/lib/openafs/ptserver
bos create <server name> vlserver simple /usr/lib/openafs/vlserver
bos create <server name> buserver simple /usr/lib/openafs/buserver

Add Admin Users

bos adduser <server name> <username>.admin -localauth

Create and Start the Fileserver

bos create <server name> dafs dafs /usr/lib/openafs/dafileserver /usr/lib/openafs/davolserver /usr/lib/openafs/salvageserver /usr/lib/openafs/dasalvager -localauth
bos status <server name> dafs -long -localauth

Create First AFS Volume

Again, this is ONLY if this is a new AFS setup!

vos create <server name> <partition name eg. vicepa> root.afs -localauth