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Moon is a Sun Fire V215 currently used for monitoring and lab emergency backdoor access. Moon acts as a UPS monitoring station, receiving data from the APC 3000XL currently under Arcturus. It is the syslog server for all Sun systems and the Cisco switch (it could also be the syslog server for the Linux servers should they one day be set up to send logs to a central location). It also has the serial hardline to the CSL main switch.

This server has CSL, TJHSST-LAN, and FCPS addresses. It is very locked down compared to other CSL systems.

Technical Specifications

Server Type Hardware type::Sun Fire V215
CPU Sun UltraSPARC-IIIi (1.5 GHz)
Hard Disks 2x 73 GB RAID 1
OS Solaris 10
Purchase Date


Moon used to be a Sun Fire V100, used for the same purposes as it is now. The V100 moon was a donation from unknown source. It was sent home with CSL admin Jack Breese (2008).