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Moloch is a "midrange" Sun Enterprise 4500 server. It was received as part of the NIH donation of Sun equipment. It is currently in pre-production and is planned for use as part of the new Sun Ray network as well as for HPC (High Performance Computing).
It is suspected that Moloch may be able to outperform our Cray SV1 Supercomputer, even at supercomputing (just about everything can outperform the Cray at non-supercomputing tasks).

Technical Specifications

Server Type Hardware type::
RAM 6144MiB
Hard Disks none
OS Sun Solaris 10 1/06
Purchase Date


  • Moloch has no built-in disks or disk boards, and purchasing a disk board (no disks) from Sun would cost $1500.
  • Moloch is currently booted off of sol in a diskless client setup, and hence, is completely dependent on sol. The majority of files are loaded across the fiber connection.
  • A 10Mbps card is being used due to the lack of availability of another SBus NIC. The 100Mbps is going to the Sun Ray network because, well, Sun Ray needs bandwidth.


  • Please DONOTDONOTDONOT rely on moloch to be up all the time, i.e. don't run a screen and expect it to be there tomorrow (this applies to any Sun machine, but especially this one).
  • Setting it up is a pain since it requires super-special configuration, but hopefully once we figure out the optimal configuration that'll get all happily documented.