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Moloch is a "midrange" Sun Enterprise 4500 server. It was received as part of the NIH donation of Sun equipment. It is currently in pre-production and is planned for use as part of the new Sun Ray network as well as for HPC (High Performance Computing).

Technical Specifications

Server Type Hardware type::
RAM 6144MiB
Hard Disks none
OS Sun Solaris 10 1/06
Purchase Date


  • Moloch has no built-in disks or disk boards, and purchasing a disk board (no disks) from Sun would cost $1500.
  • Moloch is currently booted off of sol in a diskless client setup, and hence, is completely dependent on sol. The majority of files are loaded across the fiber connection.
  • A 10Mbps card is being used due to the lack of availability of another SBus NIC. The 100Mbps is going to the Sun Ray network because, well, Sun Ray needs bandwidth.


  • Please DONOTDONOTDONOT rely on moloch to be up all the time, i.e. don't run a screen and expect it to be there tomorrow (this applies to any Sun machine, but especially this one).
  • Setting it up is a pain since it requires super-special configuration, but hopefully once we figure out the optimal configuration that'll get all happily documented.