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Meeting Minutes Sept 17 2010

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We covered a lot of stuff today, including introductions and also meeting Mr. Prudé.

If something is missing from this list, please add it!



  • We need to close the web-AFS vulnerability somehow
  • Should we have a club webmaster mailing list?
  • Antipodes is no longer running HA-iSCSI VMs. It serves locally-stored VMs only.
  • Google Earth server is still down

Qualified admins

Qualified admins are lacking for the following services:

  • Suns (see Steven) We are seriously lacking in this department. Seriously lacking. (If students/Sysadmins would like to be trained on the Sun systems, srepetsk and wyang are also more than happy to assist)
  • The switch (see Andrew Hamilton, Chris?) The Cisco 4506 (core0) is extremely important. If it goes down, the lab goes down. Training can be done on coreu, the understudy Cisco 3550 (wyang asks if this is CatOS or IOS).
  • Intranet (see Derek or Peter) Both Iodine developers are now seniors. We need some new people before the end of the year.
  • Understudy (see Peter) We may be switching up the style of understudy this year. But we need several people to be able to run it effectively.
  • Kerberos and AFS (see lots of people) These are fairly complex systems that span several specialties, including Sun. Since they're so important (they handle login and user data) we need next year's admins to be able to run them.
  • The main Website (see Mr. Washer, Andrew Hamilton) It needs work. Just look at it.

Derek after the meeting also pointed out that whenever we face an alien menace, our weapons are completely ineffective. He says, quote, "I think it's time we actually ran an update on those."


  • Physical machines would be ideal. Getting the Pit of Doom back (currently the Admin Pit) is a priority.
  • Possible solutions to the lazy understudy problem is a Dr. Dell style test where less-motivated understudies drop out.
  • Derek and Peter will be at the Activity Fair with a poster on Monday, September 20 thanks to the mercy of Ms. Stevens with respect to late forms.

The Office

We covered several topics related to the Admin Office.


  • Are itaniums going to be stored here?
  • Admin pit ideally will be cleared for Understudy.

Movie posters

Movie posters for the office:

  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
  • WarGames
  • Back to the Future

(any others missing here?)

Password Party

At some point there will be a meeting where new admins will get Kerberos principals, Livedoc accounts, and possibly MRACs and any other access they need.

Future Meetings

  • Possibility was raised of regularly scheduled future meetings. (wyang adds historical note: they used to be every Tuesday at lunch in the classroom area)

Cyber Patriots

  • Ms. Lauducci will sponsor Cyber Patriots. The due date for the forms is next week.