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==Meeting Minutes 09 September 2008==
===Northrop Grumman donation===
*Moving the Sun rack
*Specifications of Itanium nodes (use as VM hosts?)
*Cabling provided - power, Infiniband, ethernet
*Switches provided - just ethernet?
*Power requirements? Cooling?
*When would we get the equipment?
===Tech Team meetings===
*Let a lead sysadmin sit in on meetings?
*Lead sysadmins added to tech team email?
*How often and when?
===Sun equipment===
*Support contract
*Kiosk deployment - status?
*Smartcards with or instead of student IDs
*Move to L1 because of NG grant?
**Power & networking requirements
*Sun Ray donation from Chantilly HS
===RFID housekeeping===
*RFID cards MIA with graduated students
*Current list of owners
===Password card access===
*SSH keys when needed; root only for lead admins?
*LDAP sysadmin auth for servers
===Sysadmin organization===
*Current up-to-date list
*Who is interested in what?
*Training for replacements
*Network Admin 1/2 for all Sysadmins or seniors only?
*Take off admins who are no longer interested/don't do work?
*Sysadmin policy form
===Web service request form===
*Send requests to sysadmin(s) or mailing list?
===TA & 8th Period===
*How involved is Ms. Fisher planning to me?
*Sysadmin 8th activity every block (restricted)
===Budget & purchases===
*10 GigE uplink to main switch - when?
*48 port GigE module?
*Consolidate and update servers
**Itanium nodes as VM hosts? hard drives included?
===Class-related equipment use===
*Cobalt MIPS cluster
*Sun Ray GL FOG
[[Category:Meeting Minutes 2008-2009]]
[[Category:Meeting Minutes 2008-2009]]

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