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Meeting Minutes Oct 17 2011

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  • Start with some sort of diagnostics test difficult enough to determine the upper knowledge bounds of most/all of the understudies
    • Prior to the test, provide a brief intro to man pages
    • Google use allowed during test
  • Need them to sign up for the understudy mailing list
  • Two groups of understudies
    • More proficient understudies will start working with Anish on getting the Itanium cluster operational
    • Less proficient understudies will work with John on learning the basics of Linux systems. Topics include command line usage, installing linux in a VM at home, and remote access to CSL resources


  • Current imaging process is not ideal; meson pushes images to haimageserver which are then pulled down by clients
    • Easy to break all of the workstations and then very hard to fix them
    • No easy way to roll back to an unbroken image
    • Inadequate testing of images prior to deployment
  • John is working on building a new image based on archlinux
    • Precompiled binaries will help reduce the risk of bad packages
    • Images will be built weekly and pushed to a test of testing workstations
    • After a week of testing (and assuming it is stable), that image will be pushed to the rest of the workstations and a new testing image will be built

Itanium Cluster

  • Understudies will be working under Anish to get this operational
  • EFI firmware needs to be updated
  • New image to be built based on the current Gentoo workstation image (obviously recompiled for IA64)


  • All news postings now need to go through a faculty sponsor for approval
  • Does someone want to write documentation for the 8th period module? Or any part of iodine?
  • Interest in working on Intranet? Talk to Zach
  • Rewrite Iodine codebase?? Perhaps if there is enough interest?
  • Alternatively, rewrite portions for readability, maintainability, and future expansion? (particularly 8th period)


  • research alternatives? (alternatives need to be compatible with all systems in the lab)