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Wolfram Mathematica is a powerful computational package installed on the CSL Workstations as well as on other computers throughout the school. The Computer Systems Lab also runs the Mathematica License Server (mathlm) on License which is used by all client systems in the school.

Client Installation

To install the Mathematica client on a workstation, ask one of the TJ Site Administrators to download the latest Linux installer (distributed as a self-extracting installer), set it as executable, and run it. Currently, we use the default locations for both the Program files (/usr/local/Wolfram/Mathematica/8.0) and the symlinks (/usr/local/bin).

After installing Mathematica, the following line needs to be put in /usr/local/Wolfram/Mathematica/8.0/Configuration/Licensing/mathpass in order to tell Mathematica to use the mathlm server running on License:


After adding that line, you can make sure that the configuration is working correctly by running math which is the CLI Mathematica client.

MathLM (Licensing Server) Installation

Additional Information

The current TJ Site Administrators are Andrew Hamilton, Jim Jarvis, and Bryan Phillips.