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''[http://www.tjhsst.edu/admin/ Return to the main Sysadmin website]''
''[http://www.tjhsst.edu/admin/ Return to the main Sysadmin website]''
<span style="color:red">'''FIXME: move everything from http://www.tjhsst.edu/admin/wiki/'''</span>
== About Livedoc ==
== About Livedoc ==

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Return to the main Sysadmin website

About Livedoc

Welcome to the TJHSST Computer Systems Lab Livedoc. Livedoc is an online repository of CSL-related documentation. All aspects of the lab should be throughly documented here in order to aid in the administration of the lab by the Student Systems Administrators and to keep a generally accurate history of the lab itself.


Hardware in the CSL
Existing and upcoming technologies
User and administration guides
Production Services
Services that are in production
Testing Services
Services that are still in testing

Recent Changes

No changes during the given period match these criteria.