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Machine Room Access Control

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The Machine Room Access Control system incorporates a proximity card reader and electric strike; it regulates access to the Machine Room. It is located inside the room itself, to the left of the door.


The proximity card reader and the electric strike were ordered in the summer of 2004 by Dan Tran. The system was set up and configured before the school year started, but the electric strike was not mounted into the door jamb until late 2004, when Mr. Bridges (the building engineer) installed it.

Technical Specifications

The Avea AL2730F FlexProx Proximity Card Access Controller uses the 125kHz RFID standard. It is hooked up to a Very Small Trine Electric Strike for Metal Frames, which can use an AC voltage of 8 to 16 VAC or a DC voltage of 3 to 6 VDC. Currently, it is powered by DC voltage. Note that it is known that AC voltage (which when used will create the familiar "door buzz" sound) will wear out the electric strike more quickly than DC voltage.


The proximity card reader manual can be found online and behind the reader itself. Two administration RFID cards (labeled MASTER and ACTION) are required to add, delete, or essentially modify any card permissions. If these cards are lost, they can be reset using a jumper setting - check the manual for more information.


  • TODO: Explain recording of RFID card numbers for security and audit purposes.


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