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(Added administration information, brought up-to-date)
(This should redirect to the livedoc page, which has the same information. The source has not been edited in this version. There is a change password option on the preferences page.)
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'''LiveDoc''' is a system based on MediaWiki [[http://www.mediawiki.org/]] for wiki-style documentation.
Welcome to the TJHSST Computer Systems Lab LiveDoc. LiveDoc is an online repository of CSL-related documentation. All aspects of the lab should be throughly documented here in order to aid in the administration of the lab by the Student Systems Administrators and to keep a generally accurate history of the lab itself.
[[Main Page|LiveDoc]] was originally set up on November 2, 2005 by [[User:Dan Tran|Dan Tran]].
All content on the LiveDoc is © 2005-2008 The TJHSST Student Systems Administrators.
== Administration ==
=== User Login ===
The source to SpecialUserlogin.php has been edited for security reasons. Before editing, incorrectly typed passwords would be spit back out in the login page source, so that the form was already filled in. This has been removed to prevent password leakage.
=== Changing Passwords ===
* mysql -h mysql -u livedoc -p
* USE livedoc;
* UPDATE user SET user_password = MD5(CONCAT(user_id, '-', MD5('somepass'))) WHERE user_name = 'someuser';
** Where 'somepass' is the user's new password
** Where 'someuser' is the user's account name

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