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About Livedoc

Livedoc is an online repository of documentation for the TJHSST Computer Systems Lab. All aspects of the lab should be throughly documented here in order to aid in the administration of the lab by the student system administrators and to keep a generally accurate history of the lab itself.

What LiveDoc should be

  • LiveDoc should detail CSL specific documentation such as the lab's hardware, the configuration of services, the "big picture" of how everything goes together, etc. Livedoc is central location where all of this information should be recorded for current future sysadmins alike.
  • LiveDoc can be thought of as the book version 2.0. The main problem with the old book is that it was a clumsy way to record information that changed on a regular basis. Livedoc hopes to fix this by making it easily editable and readable in addition to being efficiently structured.

What articles should contain

Articles should mostly focus on the details of a particular topic (e.g. a special startup sequence, what the switches mean, how the blue lights are wired, etc.), although they can also touch upon a bit of history (e.g. the Cray was brought in what year? why? etc). Other articles, particular those under the technologies category can contain more general knowledge that is applicable to the lab.

Editing guidelines

One of the reasons livedoc was created was to keep documentation in a standardized structure. Please read the editing guidelines before writing or editing articles.