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The Library houses all of the books that the lab has. A checkout system has been implemented to facilitate the checking out and checking in, as well as searching and cataloging of the books. This system uses a CueCat barcode reader to scan the asset tags on the books as well as their ISBN number.


When cataloging books, place the asset tag on the top right of the inside of the back cover. Then log into the administrative part of the system. From there, you can add a book on the Add Book page. This page will present you with a textarea that should already have focus, and all you need to do is scan the asset tag on the book, then scan the ISBN number on the back of the book, and click Add or hit Alt-S. This should present you with a screen showing the information that has been pulled about the book, title, author(s), publisher, and a visual representation of the asset tag that the system believes you scanned. This information will already be added to the system since it should be accurate, but if the book's information cannot be retrieved, or the book does not have an ISBN number, you will be presented with a form with which to enter information about the book.


Checking in books must be done by a library admin. The option to check-in books is available on the admin page, under the link Check-in Books. On the check-in page, you will be presented with a textarea that should already have focus, so you simply have to scan all the books you wish to check-in and then hit the Check-in button or hit Alt-S to check-in the scanned books.

Administrative Interface

To gain access to the administrative interface, you must be a library admin. The link to initially get to the login page is located to the right of the Search button, hidden in a bash.org-like manner. The login page will present you with a text field where you need to scan in the barcode that has been given to you and should be located on the back of your Machine Room Access Control card. This barcode is unique to your username, so you must be logged-in to be able to gain access to the administrative interface.