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Iodine Sandbox

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Creating a Iodine Sandbox

When you want to work on Iodine, most of your work will be done in a sandbox to prevent breaking Production

First, add the user to LDAP so that they can ssh to iodine.

kinit ahamilto/admin
ldapmodify -h openldap1

Type the following:

dn: cn=iodine,ou=group,dc=csl,dc=tjhsst,dc=edu
changetype: modify
add: memberUid
memberUid: <username>

The user can do the following to set up their sandbox themselves.

ssh iodine

NOTE: you will have to give them the iodine-dev database password for anything to work.

ssh iodine
cd <an already setup sandbox>
grep -w pass config.ini.php5
Put this password in the mysql section of the config file.