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*[[LDAP]] for static student data
*[[LDAP]] for static student data
*MySQL for preferences, eighth period, polls, etc.
*MySQL for preferences, eighth period, polls, etc.
*Mercurial for source code management
*Git for source code management
==Administration Notes==
==Administration Notes==
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==External Links==
==External Links==
* [http://iodine.tjhsst.edu/hg/ HG-style commit log]
* [http://iodine.tjhsst.edu/git/ git commit log]
* [https://iodine.tjhsst.edu/ The actual application]
* [https://iodine.tjhsst.edu/ The actual application]

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Intranet 2

Iodine, also known as Intranet2, is the replacement system for the previous Intranet web application.

Technologies Used

  • Apache2 webserver
  • PHP/Smarty
  • LDAP for static student data
  • MySQL for preferences, eighth period, polls, etc.
  • Git for source code management

Administration Notes

Importing Student Pictures

In the code repository, see the two scripts in the scripts/i2pics directory. Read the comments at the top of both files for how to use them.

LDAP Server Configuration

With the assumption of using OpenLDAP, in addition to the standard /etc/ldap/* configuration files, /var/lib/ldap/DB_CONFIG should have


to automatically remove database transaction logs that are no longer needed, otherwise these logs will need to be cleaned out manually to prevent the disk from filling up with them.

WARNING: Do NOT set this option unless you know that nightly backups are working. If the database is corrupted and you have no backups, recovery will be difficult without the old transaction logs.

Intranet Credits

Intranet is a student-built project that was originally built to support the Eighth Period program at TJHSST, but now does so much more. Prior to the 1999-2000 school year, several students laid the foundation for what became this web-based solution, partially as an assurance against potential 2-digit year problems with the aging Eighth Period system, but more importantly as a simplified and enriched way to register.

Intranet2 is a redeveloped version of Intranet desgined to be easier to maintain and extend. Where Intranet innovated by using new technologies and proved useful to students and faculty alike, Intranet2 aims to follow.

Intranet Groundwork

  • Brent Metz (1998)
  • Roger Braunstein (1999)
  • Justin Wienckowski (1999)

Intranet Development

  • Michael Craig
  • Ilia Mirkin (2001)
  • Taylor Mitchell (2000)
  • T.J. Purtell (2000)
  • Daniel Willenson (1999)
  • David "Ziggy" Ziegler (2000)

Intranet Maintainers

  • David "Ziggy" Ziegler (2000)
  • Ilia Mirkin (2001)
  • Gary Sivek (2002)
  • Jeff Arnold (2003)
  • Evan Danaher (2004)
  • Dan Tran (2006)
  • Victor Mircea (2007)
  • Josiah Boning (2008)

Intranet2 (Codename Iodine) Development Initiative

  • Aman Gupta (2004)
  • Evan Danaher (2004)

I2 Development Team

  • Andrew "Deason" Deason (2006)
  • Sam Gross (2006)
  • Eric Harmon (2006)
  • Alfie Parthum (2006)
  • Bryan "brj" Rau-Jacobs (2006)
  • Andrew "asmith" Smith (2006)
  • Logan Kearsley (2007)
  • Victor "vmircea" Mircea (2007)
  • Josiah "Jobin" Boning (2008)
  • Jack "jbreese" Breese (2008)
  • Nathan Watson (2008)
  • William "wyang" Yang (2008)

I2 User Experience Technicians

  • Eric Harmon (2006)
  • Andrew Smith (2006)
  • William "wyang" Yang (2008)

Special Thanks

  • Mr. Richard Slivoskey
  • Mr. Donald Hyatt
  • Mr. Randy Latimer
  • Mr. Joshua Strong
  • Mr. Shane Torbert
  • Ms. Marie Lauducci

External Links