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Integrated Authentication

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As part of the effort to move to a Single Sign On (SSO) system, effectively eliminating the need for multiple computer accounts (at least in terms of passwords), all Sun servers (currently used only for the thin clients in the AP Computer Science lab) are now using an LDAP/Kerberos scheme to authenticate using Windows accounts.
POSIX attributes (uid, gid, POSIX logon username) are currently manually imported by scripts.


Software not critical to the direct functionality of authentication are not listed here.

Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition v5.2 (2005Q4)

Sun Java System Directory Server

  • Sun's equivalent of slapd
  • Fully integrates with nsswitch for all databases (passwd, group, auto_home, hosts, etc.)

Sun Java System Identity Synchronization for Windows

  • Connects and synchronizes users from Active Directory to Sun LDAP server and maps specified attributes (currently only one-way)


  • PAM module for authentication. Where possible, we use pam_krb5 from Debian's source repository instead of the stock Solaris 10 pam_krb5 since Solaris' pam_krb5 does not properly implement use_first_pass behavior.

Attribute Mappings

Description Active Directory Sun LDAP
Username samAccountName uid
Surname sn sn
Full Name displayName cn
E-mail ? mail

TODO: finish attribute mappings