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Haimageserver is the high-availability imageserver used to image the workstations. It is a KVM virtual machine running on the VM cluster.

updateimageserver script

The updateimageserver script (stored on haimageserver in /root/scripts) is used to update the imageserver to match the golden client. It fetches binaries and other needed files for all packages installed on the golden client, and makes a full backup of the golden client.

clientpull script

The clientpull script (in /var/imageserver on every workstation) is used to fetch packages and other files from haimageserver.


Haimageserver was originally on a DRBD disk clustered between robustus and king, and made high-available with pacemaker, but when robustus failed, it was changed to only run on king. It hosts the master repository of binary packages for Imageserver Plus as well as a full copy of the workstation image.