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A bunch of current SysAdmins and alums were sitting in the IRC channel on March 23, 2009, when bvargo brought up April fools pranks. The following conversation ensued:

( bvargo ) I need to work on something good for April 1 for that...
( bvargo ) maybe after all this math is done
( bvargo ) (e.g. tomorrow or later)
( bvargo ) I was thinking make Intranet look like gmail
( bvargo ) but not gmail has skins
( eharmon ) that would be efforty
( bvargo ) but cool
( eharmon ) indeed
( eharmon ) just pretend it got bought by google
( bvargo ) oh yes!
( eharmon ) slap the beta tag back on, put a google logo all over it
( eharmon ) change things to the google logo
( bvargo ) intranet is now google schools
( eharmon ) ahaha yes yes
( eharmon ) that is a good one
( eharmon ) they bought the intranet and now its google schools

And in an instant Google Schools was born. A logo was designed, the Gmail login was adapted for Intranet, and work was begun on a clone of the Gmail interface for Intranet.