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== Clear Cache ==
== Clear Cache ==
Follow the screenshots below to clear your Firefox cache
Follow the screenshots below to clear your Firefox cache.
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<li>Select the 'Automatic proxy configuration URL' option</li>
<li>Select the 'Automatic proxy configuration URL' option</li>
<li>Enter https://iodine.tjhsst.edu/www/proxy.pac as the url</li>
<li>Enter '''https://pac.tjhsst.edu/''' as the url</li>
<li>Click 'OK'</li>
<li>Click 'OK'</li>

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NOTE: You MUST have done the following before you can set up your TJ Proxy

  1. Log in at a TJHSST-provided Windows Computer (Laptop or Desktop)

Clear Cache

Follow the screenshots below to clear your Firefox cache.

    Firefox shot 1 cache.jpg
  1. Open the menu by clicking the 3 bars at the top right
  2. Click on 'Preferences'
  3. Firefox shot 2 cache.jpg

  4. Choose the 'Privacy' pane on the left side
  5. Firefox shot 3 cache.jpg

  6. Click on the 'clear all current history'
  7. Firefox shot 4 cache.jpg

  8. Make sure the time range is set to 'Everything' and 'Cache' is selected
  9. Click 'Clear Now'

Configure Proxy

Follow the screenshots below to configure your proxy in Firefox

    Firefox shot 1 proxy.jpg
  1. Navigate to the 'Advanced' tab of the preferences pane
  2. Click on 'Network'
  3. Choose the 'Settings' option under 'Connection'
  4. Firefox shot 2 proxy.jpg

  5. Select the 'Automatic proxy configuration URL' option
  6. Enter https://pac.tjhsst.edu/ as the url
  7. Click 'OK'

Test It Out

Note: You MUST use the database links provided at https://tjhsst.edu/research-academics/library/databases.html

    Firefox shot 1 test.jpg
  1. Navigate to https://tjhsst.edu/research-academics/library/databases.html
  2. Select the 'ebrary' database
  3. Firefox shot 2 test.jpg

  4. Enter your username and password. The format is <graduating year><first initial><first seven letters of last name>(In the example, the student would be Omkar Kulkarni, Class of 2019)
  5. Firefox shot 3 test.jpg

  6. You should see a page like this, with Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology at the top
  7. You're finished!