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This list of faculty contains teachers or faculty who are or have used the syslab as their primary teaching location. As of March 2007, faculty that assists sysadmins and lab faculty with maintaining the lab (as well as changing DNS rules, buying us stuff, etc) have been added.

Current Faculty

  • Ms. Michelle Fisher (Sysadmin sponsor & CAD teacher, 2008—Present)
  • Mr. Randy Latimer (Lab director, ???--Present)
  • Mr. Shane Torbert (Lab teacher, ???--Present)

"Windows" Faculty

  • Mr. Richard Washer (???--Present)
  • Mr. Peter Morasca (???-Present)

Previous Faculty

  • Mr. Joshua Strong
  • Mr. Donald Hyatt
  • Mr. Curtis Holliman
  • Mrs. Phyllis Rittman