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Exabyte EXB-480 Tape Drive

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The Exabyte EXB-480 Tape Drive is a full-featured tape drive and carousel management unit. It features 8 cartridges/magazines, of which each can hold 10 tapes. A robotic arm is used to move tapes to the 4 tape drives. There are also two special slots: the EE (entry/exit) slot, which allows for one tape to be inserted/removed from the unit without opening the door, and the cleaning slot, where one cleaning tape is kept.


Two Exabytes were donated to the lab in early 2005 by a TJ alum from Fannie Mae. Included with the donation were a large amount of data and cleaning tapes, two keys to open the secured door, and a large amount of barcode labels used for the inventory functionality of the unit.

Technical Specifications

  • Tape Capacity: 1638.4 GB native/uncompressed
  • Transfer Rate: 42 GB/hr native/uncompressed
  • Interface: LCD user control, SCSI of unknown voltage differential, serial user control.

Usage and Notes

  • The robotic arm can be controlled by the mtx command (found as a Debian package with the same name).
  • The door can only be opened at certain times with the supplied flat key. Once it is closed after it has been open, the system assumes a change has occurred in tape arrangement and will proceed to reinventory all the tapes. This usually takes a while, so if your intention was to insert a small number of tapes, the EE slot would be a better alternative.

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