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Emperor, a Penguin Computing Relion Server, is currently acting as an Understudy VM host. It was set up and is run by Peter Godofsky. It is currently being prepared to run Gentoo Xen VMs for Understudy.

NOTE: Emperor as of 11/25/2009 seems to have failed completely. It is considered inoperable and is henceforth retired and will be cannibalized for parts.

Technical Specifications

Server Type Hardware type::Penguin Computing Relion Server
CPU Intel Xeon 2.66GHz
Hard Disks 2 x 200GB software RAID-1
OS Debian GNU/Linux Lenny
Purchase Date N/A


This section may be out of date.

  • It seems as if Port #2 is faulty on the 3ware card. It keeps failing randomly in hardware and software RAID configurations.
  • Something causes Emperor to crash frequently, though the problem occurs less often when more RAM is added. Nobody has any idea what the issue is, however, /proc/cpuinfo only shows two CPUs even though the Penguins have a pair of hyperthreaded CPUs (so there should be 4 CPUs there).