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The current TJ email system is an idea originally designed by Aman Gupta (class of '04), and implemented by Andrew Deason (class of '06) with the help of several staff members, including Richard Washer and Susan Beasley. The actual mail is stored on a Debian GNU/Linux server, and is also accessed there, but all of the user information and authentication is done by a Windows Active Directory server.

The most recent documentation for the mail system (which covers quite a bit of it), can be located in chapter 10 of The Book. The documentation will hopefully be moved here sometime.


Items which should be done at some point:

  • Fix and re-enable quotas.
  • Provide for a better quota warning system ('warnquota' just seems awful; it wouldn't be hard to write a simple custom script).
  • Provide some kind of mechanism for deleting flagged spam after 30 days (or some other long time period), so people's mailboxes don't fill up with spam when they are not using it.
  • Try to make body_checks not trigger false positives on attachments. This could probably be done by detecting a Base64-encoded line, and ignoring it.
  • Create some kind of more long-term backup system (i.e. external media; DRBD is not good enough).