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Discussion Agenda archive 1

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If there is anything that needs to be/should be discussed in a sysadmin meeting, please list it here:

  • CSL keytabs (why not?) --wyang
  • Whether it is possible to restart the weekly meetings, and if so, when they will take place --bvargo
  • Service distribution, specifically what services, if any, will go onto the "new" servers --bvargo
  • Virtualization ideas --bvargo
    • What services to start to virtualize, as a proof of concept and/or permanent installation
      • Dev hosts - each developer gets their own host to setup and configure as they wish for whatever they are doing (currently being implemented on humboldt for iodine developemnt, as well as development of the new school website)
      • remote and oldremote (until it goes away) - separate configuration for each, without needing to commit a workstation or server to that configuration - also prevents users from gaining access to production servers
      • DNS - bind has not had a great security record, it would be best to put bind in an isolated environment, making a vm perfect - if this is not going to be done for awhile, bind should at least be chrooted
      • etc
    • Data storage methods to employ
      • Central storage on one or more servers
      • Distributed storage, using something like AoE
      • Local storage with backup - vm is stored locally, with another copy somewhere else that is updated periodically, but is not turned on unless needed
      • Some other storage scheme