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m (Donated equipment from Aristotle International)
m (Donated equipment from Aristotle International)
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===Donated equipment from Aristotle International===
===Donated equipment from Aristotle International===
*<strike>Rack space</strike>
*Re-donate or recycle (arrays require reboots periodically)
*Power requirements
**<strike>Additional UPSs</strike
**<strike>Red plugs</strike> (Not happening any time soon)
*Equipment usage
*Site placement - syslab, 119s, etc

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If there is anything that needs to be/should be discussed in a sysadmin meeting, please list it here.

Donated equipment from Aristotle International

  • Re-donate or recycle (arrays require reboots periodically)


  • Full backup system that handles most (all if possible) data in the lab - "protect the data"
    • Mainly a policy about how often the backup should be run.
  • AFS Backups (more than .backup volumes)
    • Integrate with the big backup system, or run separately?
  • "Off-site" backups?
    • Would actually need to be "offsite," not ten feet from the edge of the lab (119s).

Cleanup of AFS

  • Clean the service directory
    • Archive everything that is no longer in use
    • Archive everything that is no longer useful
  • One home directory per user
  • Web-docs volumes?
  • Audit permissions on all directories, including web, etc
  • Other cleanup tasks

Additional "Services" To offer

  • Postgresql
  • Online form submission (iodine or otherwise)

Enable Dynamic Power Savings Mode on Intel HPs

  • Note to Lee: I have had no bad experiences with laptop power savings features (from an ancient P1 Toshiba to a 1-2 yr old IBM) and I was unable to find any problems online (either with laptops or with HP's) after a quick Google search. Please provide some links. FYI it is OS-independent.
  • HP's website