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Discussion Agenda

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For the old discussion agenda, please see the archive.

If there is anything that needs to be/should be discussed in a sysadmin meeting, please list it here.

Topics are should be arranged by priority with the most important at the top. Please rearrange if you think the priority is wrong, as it probably is because currently the agenda is mostly ripped from the archive.

Sun equipment

  • Kiosk deployment - status?
  • Sun Ray trailer lab

Budget & purchases

RFID housekeeping

  • New MRACs to be assigned to roots at machine room servers


  • Is our backup system working yet?
    • Mainly a policy about how often the backup should be run.
  • AFS Backups (more than .backup volumes)
    • Integrate with the big backup system, or run separately?
  • "Off-site" backups?
    • Would actually need to be "offsite," not ten feet from the edge of the lab (119s).
  • Sysadmin alumni at RIT can maintain offsite backups in NY, provided a machine (or machines) is provided to back up to.

Additional "Services" To offer

  • Postgresql (?)

Enable Dynamic Power Savings Mode on Intel HPs

  • Note to Lee: I have had no bad experiences with laptop power savings features (from an ancient P1 Toshiba to a 1-2 yr old IBM) and I was unable to find any problems online (either with laptops or with HP's) after a quick Google search. Please provide some links. FYI it is OS-independent.
  • HP's website