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Current Program Goals

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This page is a working version of the Sysadmin program's current high-level short, medium, and long-term goals. Small tasks which are part of these high-level goals should be put on [1], not here.

Short-Term Goals

  1. Migrate VM storage still on Fryingpan to Apocalypse. Multiple VMs located on Fryingpan have recently been encountering I/O errors, so this is a top priority to ensure no loss of data occurs.
    1. Acquire more storage for Apocalypse. Right now, Apocalypse is over 70% capacity. More disks should be purchased and we should add an additional vdev to the Apocalypse pool.
  2. Fix issues we have been experiencing with Kerberos/our cross-domain trust by moving to a MIT Kerberos KDCs from our Heimdal KDCs.
  3. Set up / finish setting up the three new G6s we acquired as VM servers.
  4. Migrate VMs from and decommission Vega, due to aging hardware.

Medium-Term Goals

  1. Put the finishing touches on the new HPC cluster and open it up for use by the general student/staff body.
    1. Streamline home directory and slurm account creation
    2. Write usage policy
  2. Set up an additional www VM and load balance the two VMs. Our web traffic is steadily increasing and webserver reliability would receive a significant boost from such load balancing.
  3. Use Salt to streamline the Workstation imaging process.

Long-Term Goals

  1. Migrate from a joint Nginx/Apache setup to Nginx-only on WWW.
  2. Move web files outside of AFS, possibly to a shared NFS mount stored on Sonic, to decrease latency.
  3. Improve security for user web sandboxes.