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You can cast a workstation's screen to a raspberry pi 2 which is connected to the projector.

If the projector and the raspberry pi 2 are turned on, then on any workstation run the command


And your screen will be cast to the pi 2 over a wired connection.

The following is happening when you run the command:

  1. A VNC server is started on the client
  2. A message is sent to the pi 2 containing the hostname of the client
  3. The pi 2 then tries to connect to the vnc server on the hostname it was sent
Usage: cast [options] [host1] [host2] ... [hostn]
Casts to each host in the list. If no host is specified, it defaults to the projector in room 200C.

-r [width]x[height]	Too much lag? Use this option to lower the screen resolution while casting
-s			To display a cast on this screen
--fix-res		Did the resolution not change back after exiting? Run this command to fix it.

The client requires that x11vnc be installed

The server requires that vncviewer be installed