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* {{note|1}} [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seymour_Cray Wikipedia's article on Seymour Cray]
* {{note|1}} [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seymour_Cray Wikipedia's article on Seymour Cray]
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The Cray SV1 Supercomputer (Cray or Seymour[1]) is the lab's supercomputer.




Boot-up Sequence

  • Switch on Mains Disconnect at the bottom of the I/O Cabinet
  • Flip breaker (to ON) at the bottom of Mainframe
  • Press the blue "Reset I/O" button
  • Press "Reset CPU" button, also blue.
  • On SWS, "bootsys -c -H"
  • and then "dring -initnode"
  • On Cray, "/etc/init 2" to start multiuser mode.

Shut-down Sequence

Don't shut it down. The only exception being that whenever a power outage happens, it helps to make sure the Mains Disconnect and the mainframe breaker are on the off position, until the Cray can be safely turned back on after power is restored.

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