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Constellation (formerly known as enterprise) is a Sun Fire V440 which was donated by Chantilly High School. 45 Sun Ray DTUs and 2 V440 servers were given to Chantilly by an unknown-to-us source, and Chantilly only cared to keep around half of that. So we got a free V440, as well as around 18 Sun Rays. Then a year later they gave us the rest of their stock.

The other V440 server is called nebula.


Constellation will be used for Sysadmin Understudy. It will run VMs (Solaris Zones) so that understudies can train on their own Solaris system. It will also run the Understudy Sun Ray FOG, allowing Sun Ray training. It will export ext3 iscsi zvols to Sovereign in order to support training for our new VM storage setup.

Technical Specifications

Server Type Hardware type::Sun Fire V440
Hard Disks 2 x 36 GB SCSI RAID 1
OS Solaris 10u7
Purchase Date