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Chrome Proxy Documentation

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NOTE: You MUST have done the following before you can set up your TJ Proxy

  1. Log in at a TJHSST-provided Windows Computer (Laptop or Desktop)

Configure Proxy

Follow the screenshots below to configure your proxy in Chrome.

  1. Open the menu by clicking the 3 bars at the top right.
  2. Click on 'Settings.'
  3. Chrome shot 1 proxy.jpg

  4. Click on 'Show advanced settings.'
  5. Chrome shot 2 proxy.jpg

  6. Scroll down and click on 'Change proxy settings.'
  7. Follow the specific instructions for your operating system to set up Automatic Proxy Configuration via the URL https://pac.tjhsst.edu/
      Windows Instructions
      Mac OS X Instructions

Test It Out

Note: You MUST use the database links provided at https://tjhsst.edu/research-academics/library/databases.html

    Firefox shot 1 test.jpg
  1. Navigate to https://tjhsst.edu/research-academics/library/databases.html
  2. Select the 'ebrary' database
  3. Firefox shot 2 test.jpg

  4. Enter your username and password. The format is <graduating year><first initial><first seven letters of last name>(In the example, the student would be Omkar Kulkarni, Class of 2019)
  5. Firefox shot 3 test.jpg

  6. You should see a page like this, with Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology at the top
  7. You're finished!