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The AMANDA tape-changer program chg-zd-mtx is the tape-changer we currently use on emperor to backup data to the Exabyte drives. It is used for the Zubkoff/Dandelion version of mtx; the kind on Debian.


The configuration file is specified as the changerfile directive in the corresponding configuration's amanda.conf (without the trailing .conf). The main one used by emperor -- DailySet1 -- uses /etc/amanda/DailySet1/chg-zd-mtx.conf, so the changerfile directive in /etc/amanda/DailySet1/amanda.conf reads /etc/amanda/DailySet1/chg-zd-mtx. The chg-zd-mtx.conf directives that we use are explained here:


The first slot in the changer that chg-zd-mtx will use.


The last slot in the changer that chg-zd-mtx will use.


The slot in which the cleaning tape resides.


Which tape drive to use, specified as a "Data Transfer Element" index.


Enables/disables the "autoclean" functionality of chg-zd-mtx, which will automatically clean the drive after a certain number of uses.


The number of times the drive must be accessed before chg-zd-mtx automatically cleans the drive.


The number of seconds that chg-zd-mtx must wait for the cleaning tape to clean the drive.


Whether the changer has a barcode reader. (If mtx status reports a bunch of "VolumeTag"s, then the changer has a barcode reader.) The Exabyte has a barcode reader.


Whether an mt offline must be executed before an mtx unload to remove a tape from a drive. The Exabyte drives need this.


The number of seconds to wait after loading a tape before trying to access it


The number of seconds to wait after mt offline before trying mtx unload