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Sound Lab (~1999 - ~2003)

The sound lab contained some very nice sound equipment (at the time), two Celeron 300MHz machines, each with 128MB RAM, nVidia TNT 16MB Video cards, and a CD-ROM drive. In addition, one contains a Creative SoundBlaster Live! Value sound card, as well as a Creative 6x DVD-ROM drive. However, when this equipment was obtained, it was brand new and cool. It is no more, so chances are it will be replaced some time this summer.


The Syslab acquired a set of 4 Alesis monitors within the last few years, and these have been used in the Sysadmin office - the side room closest to the Machine Room and the techlab hall. In 2008 four more powered 100w Alesis monitors were ordered for use on the Music Carts, a contraption consisting of a 24" monitor, Sun Ray, wireless bridge, UPS, and speakers on a cart.

Music Cart

The idea of creating a Music Cart has been around for many years now, but was only recently acted upon. Sometime during the 2007-2008 school year the monitors from the Sysadmin office were put on a cart along with a UPS and was used at some of the Homecoming pep rallies. The cart proved wildly successful, and Sysadmins applied for a grant from the SGA, and used these funds to purchase equipment for two carts. They have been used for pep rallies, Homecoming, presentations, and lectures.